Hello world, let us introduce
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- Blog Title: "The Married Wanderers"

- From: Cape Town, South Africa

- Written by: Jennyfer Raath and Rudolph Raath

- TB description:
“Marriage is anything you believe it to be. We believe it to be an adventure.” 
Jen and Rudolph are a typical South African couple: arty blonde English girl meets well-mannered sporty Afrikaans boy. He said hello (2009), she said YES (2014), they said I do (2015). 
For them, travel has always been a "fixed expense" in their budget. Whether it's a European holiday or a weekend away camping, they are always the happiest when traveling together.
If they absolutely had to choose a niche, it would have to be "somewhere outdoors with flip-flops on".
Together they have the confidence to stop dreaming and start planning!
As a couple, they see travel as an investment in their relationship, constantly learning how to be a team and how to make a relationship work. Traveling together is the ultimate test!

- Next stops:
Malasya, Indonesia, India

- Three places they loved the most:
Coron in the Philippines, Dubrovnik in Croatia and Mountain Zebra National Park in South Africa

They are currently
on an 8 month trip
across Southeast Asia,
so now visit their travel blog
and follow them!

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